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Published on October 30th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

The Little TARDIS That Could (Fly)

Yes, it’s clearly just another gimmick to cash in on the Doctor Who franchise… but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one.  Choosing not to stop after the TARDIS USB hub and the TARDIS cookie jar, ThinkGeek is now offering a TARDIS that floats in midair!

Made possible through super-clever magnetic engineering, this essential office desk decoration is the perfect early Christmas present for Whovians who may be slightly uncomfortable with the notion of putting their RC Battle Daleks on display to all their co-workers.  Doing so may be the equivalent of shouting, “Look, everyone!  I’m a sci-fi nerd, and you should avoid me like Lazar’s Disease!” but having a small levitating TARDIS to flick-and-spin every once in a while can be an excellent conversation starter between you and the lovely lady in the next cubicle, as it coolly whispers for you in her ear, “Look at me… I’m a startlingly attractive Doctor Who lover whom every woman adores… the closest you’ll ever get to David Tennant!”

Or you could put it like this:

ThinkGeek also provides an excellent recreational use for this TARDIS:

The best part?  We were so excited about this… go to the nearest vending machine and purchase a bag of Skittles.  Use the Skittles to create an epic battle between the Doctor and the new Daleks!  As each Dalek dies, toss it in your mouth and taste the rainbow.  Delicious.

Whether you use this multi-purpose awesome thing for your mating calls or your battle cries, you should know that it does take six AA batteries to operate.  As suggests,

…Best to get rechargeables to go along with this.

Buy one (or two, or perhaps even three) here!


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One Response to The Little TARDIS That Could (Fly)

  1. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    Also available from Debenhams folks (along with other Who merchandise like keyrings and those gadgets which make noises when you press the button – you know the sort of thing, it goes ‘exterminate’ and makes the TRADIS wheezey noise). Well, the Bath branch has got them at least. Very tempted, so I am. But have left it as an easy stocking filler for somebody to get for me!

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