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Published on October 28th, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Marwood?

Doctor Who fandom erupted in anger this week – not due to Russell T Davies’ cheeky 507 but due to the shocking revelation that the Eighth Doctor is to get a new outfit.

That’s right – unveiled at the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo in Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend, the new look for the Paul McGann’s Doctor features a short leather jacket, satchel and a nice new WETA-built sonic screwdriver that at the very least echoes the Jules Verne nature of the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS.

Clearly this is a reaction to the ongoing adventures of the Eighth Doctor on Big Finish having long ago run out of images of the actor from 1996 suitable for use on the covers of their range of CDs, so from this point of view, the move is understandable.

To be honest, our reaction to this news here at K has ranged from “My God, WHHYYYY???!” to “meh” – so we can see all sides of this.

Although there is a Ninth Doctor vibe about the jacket, and it certainly ties in with the Eighth Doctor’s final Doctor Who magazine appearance, it does look more like an unused Marwood outfit from Withnail & I… rather than anything the Doctor might wear, though, doesn’t it?

(Via GallifreyNewsBase and a very angry Brian A. Terranova)

Paul McGann and Richard E Grant in Withnail & I...

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8 Responses to Doctor Marwood?

  1. avatar Rick714 says:

    I think it makes perfect sense in every way.

    1. It’s more appropo of a Doctor who enters the Time War late in this incarnation,

    2. It’s a great lead in to the 9th Doctor,

    3. Gives the 8th Doctor a injection of new life,

    4. Probably will lead to a new photo shoot which will be sans wig,

    5. May even be the precursor to seeing him do a guest shot on the current series one day ala Peter Davison in Time Crash,

    6. And more new action figures to boot!

    This is a very good, very interesting turn of events.

  2. avatar Spaceman says:

    What’s the problem that he changes his outfit.
    Tom did on several occassions. (The one in Talons being one of the favourites)
    In fact all the Doctors, ‘cept 9th have had variations of a theme..
    Don’t recall all this hue & cry from the ol days…

    Quite a few of us has said that new photos and a new outfit are long over due…

    And it’s still a working process…
    And more importantly, the romantic Byronesque was not(!!) McGann’s choice.
    This, from all accounts is…..

    As to McGann appearing in the new series… Yes please!!
    Or a straight to dvd series (like Babylon 5) co produced between the BBC and Big Finish….

    So now we know how they will release a lone 8th Doctor figure plus Tardis set…

  3. avatar Charlie says:

    I think it looks fine. Can’t see the problem really. Surely not some fans being too anal?

  4. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    Get in the back of the van!

  5. avatar Jez Noir says:

    It is lovely and Withnail-y. Get any more masculine that that and you’d have to live up a tree!

  6. “It is the most shattering experience of a young man’s life, when one morning he awakes, and quite reasonably says to himself: I will never play the Dane.”

  7. avatar Byron says:

    It’s amusing when such a fuss is being made over a costume change for a Doctor who has been superceded 3 times over. If they’re going to go to all this trouble then they need to give McGann a significant flashback scene or Doctor crossover (as in Time Crash) in the current Who to get full value. It is definitely a better outfit than his original which was too derivative of earlier Doctors. From the photo I’m assuming they’ll also be doing away with McGann’s original wigged look as well.

  8. McGann’s hair length came as a shock to the producers, if memory serves, as they were expecting him to have quite long hair – however he had shorn his usual look for SAS drama The One That Got Away.

    Hence the wig

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