Barrowman Saves Liverpool FC!

Just when the Red side of Liverpool were about to call in Cash in the Attic to save their floundering club, who should step in with a time agents cunning and rescue Liverpool FC? None other than Captain Light Entertainment himself John Horatio Barrowman!

Thats right, Barrowman was spotted spotted in multi-million pound shopping centre Liverpool ONE with a load of football tat including tops and Reds legend Kenny Dalglish’s autobiography (clearly not a fan of Hodgson then?)

Wadding into his sides recent ownership troubles Barrowman said:

“I’m a Liverpool fan through and through. We gotta sort this problem out as quickly as possible. It kills me to see my team in this mess.”

A fellow shopper, Mrs Non E. Xistent commented on seeing the Torchwood star:

“I can’t believe it’s Patrick Logan from Desperate Housewives just casually walking round. He is such a handsome man. I wish I could have spoken to him.”

Barrowman then gave an impromptu performance of the Anfield Rap to the delight of no one.

(via Click Liverpool)


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