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Published on September 3rd, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Death to the Adventure Games!

Okay, that title was merely put there to grab your attention.  This Kasterborous writer will in no way endorse the destruction of such a creative way to expand the Doctor Who universe, even if he’s unable to experience this creativity for himself.*

However, the Telegraph seems to welcome the idea with open arms.  In a highly political essay recalling BBC top man Mark Thompson’s MacTaggart lecture last week at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, the anonymous writer examines whether the BBC is abusing its licence-fee-driven budget to fund such projects as the BBC News website and Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

“These are available as free downloads, so presumably the licence fee has  been plundered to fund this aspect of ‘UK creative economy’.

“We may  applaud the resurrection of Doctor Who on television, but why does the BBC think that its charter covers the provision of electronic games?”

The article further points out that the licence fee is to pay for the BBC’s public services, and implies that it doesn’t include The Adventure Games among them.

“[The BBC] must stop diverting licence-fee money to projects that have nothing to do with public service.”

If Doctor Who counts as a public service at all (and don’t worry, I think it does), then the act of entertainment in general must also fall into that category.  The Adventure Games are at least intended to be original, innovative, and premium entertainment (whether they are or not, I wouldn’t know*).

Therefore, The Adventure Games must be considered a public service, and as such, an excellent use of licence fee funding!

*What do they have against American Mac users, anyway?!

But of Course, I’m Not From Around Here

Thus, I don’t even pay the licence fee.  So what do you think?  Should the production of The Adventure Games simply stop?  Should the licence fee even exist?  What’s your take, Brits?  Feel free to chip in if you’re from somewhere else, too!


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One Response to Death to the Adventure Games!

  1. avatar krumstets says:

    The last season of Dr Who suffered budget cutbacks last season. I think it was in Private Eye that the figure of £1m was mentioned.
    3D promotional trailers and now the adventure games, well, how much did they cost to produce?
    If they were being made by a commercial company such as the forthcoming Nintendo games then fine,but not at the expense of the production itself.
    DR Who is one of the most successful programmes on the BBC in terms of sales and viewing figures.
    They should be ploughing that money back into making episodes and reverse the cuts of the last season.
    Death To The Adventure games now and leave it to Nintendo!

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