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Published on August 29th, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Scheduling & Format

We’ve already seen today how the next series of Doctor Who will commence shooting in September – quite a bit later than usual.

So what is the long term impact of this? BBC chief Jay Hunt has apparently told Digital Spy:

“We’re talking about what form Doctor Who will take. I think the interesting thing with having Steven [Moffat] running that show now is it will be very much a creative decision. He will decide what he thinks is right for the show.”

But this doesn’t necessarily tell us much about scheduling – it seems to allude more towards the format of the show.

Kasterborous has long been an advocate of Doctor Who being aired across the winter months – imagine watching The Empty Child for the first time in cold, dark evenings of December rather than sunny June! However there is more to this. Rumours have reached us in the past of possible changes to the schedule, and there was even talk of splitting Series 5 in half to accomodate the World Cup this year.

A change of format, however – this is a quite different kettle of fish. 90 minute episodes, as great as they were for Sherlock, probably wouldn’t work for the show in its current form and tone. A series of two part episodes, on the other hand, might work quite well, although there’s also scope for a series of 26 half-hour episodes.


Go and watch Rose and The End of the World without the “Next Time” trailers…


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  2. avatar Carn says:

    the Sherlock broadcasts bugged me. I’d have rather had them in 45 min 2 parters. I don’t always feel up to watching a whole 90 min program and the whole thing was just over very quickly being just 3 weeks.

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