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Published on August 22nd, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

“Marmite on socks”

Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman has given readers of his blog a sneak peak at a few lines of cut dialogue from the episode he is writing for Series 6 – set for a read-through in the next few days!

He estimates that he’s currently up to draft ten, and the amusing passage below has been cut since draft six.
Doctor Who

Is it something people can eat?
(to Doctor)
Shouldn’t you scan it with your screwdriver or something?

Why would I scan food with my screwdriver?

See if it’s safe?

The Doctor leans over, dips his finger into his bowl, tastes it.

Some unusual trace elements, smidge too much background radiation, but, yeah, very yummy.

Amy is about to try some of his food… he stops her.

THE DOCTOR (cont’d)
No. Don’t put it in your mouth.

Not for humans?

Not for you. Tastes like Marmite on socks.

While this wouldn’t be out of place if it had a bearing on the episode, the reason that it has been cut is that is has no bearing. Which is a shame, because it is a lovely passage which captures both characters perfectly.
Gaiman reports that the script is getting better, tighter and “turned up to eleven” – which is pretty apt. If the rest of the dialogue is as good as what you’ve just read, we’re in for a definite treat.


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6 Responses to “Marmite on socks”

  1. avatar PocketGal says:

    This scene that has been cut sounds like something the 10th Doctor would say. After all he was always tasting stuff!

  2. avatar bluebox444 says:

    Well, Eleven has tasted a lot of stuff so far too. I’m really looking forward to this episode. Sounds like they’re spending a lot of time and effort getting it as polished as it can possibly be.

  3. avatar Carn says:

    yeah I definitely associate stuff tasting to be more Eleventh’s thing ever since the Eleventh Hour’s food scene and could totall imagine Gillan and Smith delivering those lines.

    Ah why can’t it be next year already. I want a whole new season of Who to watch now :)

  4. avatar krumstets says:

    Glad they cut that scene. I mean,how many times does the Doctor put his finger in something and taste it or lick something?
    This is is getting old hat now.
    Marmite and socks? Sounds a little twee and a tad naff.
    Good riddance!

  5. avatar Bow Ties Are Cool says:

    No Rory? Hmm. Strange.

    Or maybe not. Maybe he just wasn’t in this scene. Or maybe he was in this scene, but didn’t speak during this particular bit.

    I’m just paranoid, worried he’ll be written out half way through the series. I’ve enjoyed having a male companion for a change. They’re so rare, and it just adds something different.

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