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Published on August 11th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Here’s Some Clues…

Platform Online, the website for a student magazine run at Nottingham Trent University, recently had the privilege of an interview with Charles Cecil, who with the team at Sumo Digital developed Doctor Who: The Adventure Games!

Doctor Who - The Adventure GamesAfter playing the games you may have wondered if Matt Smith and Karen Gillan enjoyed providing the voice acting for the series, or if they just did it because they were paid to. Here’s what Cecil observed:

“I’ve been very privileged because I actually [did] the voice directing for [one of the episodes] more recently and they’ve been fantastic.  Because both Matt and Karen are enthusiastic about the project, I found them very, very easy to direct.”

But just because Matt and Karen were enthusiastic doesn’t mean they immediately sank into their work! According to Cecil, acting for the camera and acting for the game are two totally separate forts:

“What’s quite interesting is that what we require from them in a game perspective is quite different from what we would require in linear [media].

“So quite often I’ll get them to go back and say: ‘That’s lovely delivery, but actually can you put an emphasis on this because what we’re actually doing in this line is we’re creating a clue – subliminally, it’s not an obvious clue – but if you can change the emphasis and the way that you say it then you will be delivering more than just the acting of the line.’”

Keep an eye on this Cecil bloke; it sounds as if he’s giving us clues by telling us about giving us clues. In other words, when you play future episodes (or replay present ones), pay close attention to how the Doctor and Amy emphasize their lines… you may benefit from it later on!

This just in… Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – Dawn of the Nortongate will be released exclusively in America and made available only to Mac users on 1st April 2011!

(I think he’s joking – Ed)


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One Response to Here’s Some Clues…

  1. avatar Paul Cavanagh says:

    Clues? What would you want clues for in the Adventure Games? No need for them at all, because the solutions to all puzzles are clearly signposted for you – either directly in the script, or through the use of glow-as-you-approach them objects. Cecil, I fear, is talking his role up a bit, I’m sure it must be fantastic to direct Matt and Karen, but he seems to be attempting to tell us the games have more subtlety and depth than they actually possess.

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