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Published on July 1st, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Next Series News!

It’s not been a week since The Big Bang, and reports are already surfacing about the progress of and what is to be expected from Series 6 (or as we prefer here at Kasterborous, the traditional title of Season 32)!

Doctor Who boss, writer and award winner, Steven MoffatFirst, Digital Spy’s recent interview with some guy who thinks he’s in charge named Steven Moffat (who’s that?) extracted the fact that a lot of the run is thought out but not written down yet:

“Not far enough, I think is the answer to [how far the plans for the season have come]! I’ve got lots of plans – plans are not nearly as useful as scripts, I find – so I’d like to have more scripts and fewer plans. We’re not quite as ahead of the game as we were last time. But it’s fine.”

One reason that there aren’t enough scripts seems to be due to the fact that, as of last week, there aren’t enough writers!  Aside from Neil Gaiman and Moffat himself, we indeed haven’t heard much about the masters behind the series’ penning.  When Digital Spy asked Moffat if all the writers had been confirmed, he replied,

“We’ve got a fair number of them, there’s one more I’m chasing, but yeah.”

But hey!  At least there are plans!  And some of them are plans that Moffat has already given clues to!  Den of Geek transcribed this Moff quote from the most recent Doctor Who Confidential discussing what revelations are coming in 2011:

“What is that, who is that, who are the silence, what’s coming?” teased Moffat. “The whole point of the silence is next series. Also, River Song … who is she really? That’s what we’re going to find out next year,” he said.

Most of us Whovians have been asking the “Who is River Song?” question since 2008.  Three years later, it seems we’ll finally get our answer!

As for the silence – I’ve got a funny feeling the next series is going to be considerably quieter.


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5 Responses to Next Series News!

  1. avatar Pcm979 says:

    So as of last week they don’t have all the writers confirmed, let alone the scripts completed? Don’t they start filming this month?

  2. I’m prepared to be corrected on this, Pcm979, but I think around 10 writers are picked and drafts submitted, then this gets whittled down as per budget and other requirements to the usual 5 or 6 non exec writers.

    as it stands, its the christmas special that enters production first, and the script is ready for that anyway.

  3. avatar Pcm979 says:

    Well, as long as it’s normal procedure. It just seems to be cutting it a little fine from my layman’s point of view, is all.

  4. avatar IanOTimelord says:

    Have they started filming the Christmas episode yet?

  5. avatar Patrick Riley says:

    Nope… last I heard it’ll start filming within the next month, but that’s off the top of my head, I can’t source that…

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