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Published on July 27th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Doctor Who vs Ebola

Johnny Depp will not be playing Doctor WhoHow’s this for an… erm… “plot” twist?

Unless you’ve been away in the TARDIS for a while, you probably know about the infamous Johnny-Depp-as-the-Doctor-in-movie story that recently left Russell T. Davies wallowing in a mud bath of phone calls and e-mails demanding the truth, taking time away from his preparations for Torchwood Series 4.  Needless to say, the Dethroned King of All Who was a bit put off by the incident, but he couldn’t help but laugh a little (and neither can we) when he learned of the rumour-creator’s pitch of the movie:

“My favorite bit in that rumour was, ‘The Doctor’s gonna go around curing Ebola in Africa,’” [Davies] said.

“What sort of a plot is that? Can you imagine? In fairness, whatever chump that was typing that had a bit of imagination. Bonkers!”

Perhaps this is an appropriate time time to exclusively reveal that it was, in fact, me who started the rumour, and now my feelings are hurt because Russell T. Davies doesn’t like my idea for a story.  There, you see, I’ve just begun a falsified tale of my own, and now our dear editor, Christian Cawley, will have to spend weeks denying it to all you faithful Kasterborous readers.

At any rate, a massive high-budget shoot in Africa probably wouldn’t fit Depp’s schedule at the moment; the “David Tennant of Hollywood” (in terms of his popularity with the ladies; I do like ol’ MacDonald) is currently continuing to cash in on a certain Disney attraction, with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides due in theaters next year.

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