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Published on July 23rd, 2010 | by Christian Cawley

Cumberbatch for Who? No.

As part of the build up to the new series of Sherlock feature-length adventures, the BBC News website has spoken to Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat, who is also behind the re-imagined adventures of Baker Street’s finest.

Doctor Who boss Steven MoffatIt’s an interesting read, explaining in part why Moffat and Mark Gatiss (also a Doctor Who writer) decided to develop this particular project. The casting evidently has a lot to do with it, which brings us neatly to Martin Freeman, who was apparently on the Doctor Who shortlist back in 2008, and the star of Sherlock, the ridiculously named Benedict Cumberbatch.

Asked if Cumberbatch would be suitable for the lead role in Doctor Who, Moffat was quick to dispel any rumours.

“There is no vacancy,” said Moffat. “Matt Smith is the Doctor and he’s been an astonishing success and – who knows – maybe he’ll never regenerate again.”

Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

(Well spotted Mez!)


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One Response to Cumberbatch for Who? No.

  1. avatar Carn says:

    Good answer from Moffat there. If he’d given any mention of how suitable another actor would be for the Doctor the idiot media would have used it as more basis for their rumours. The way he’s stated ‘no vacancy’ sounds like he was getting tired of their crap too. No point wondering who will be the next Doctor. Just focus on the really rather awesome one we have now.

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