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Published on July 12th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

Art For Hearts: Colin Baker!

You were expecting someone else?  Okay, Colin Baker didn’t actually draw anything for the Art for Hearts auction, but he did sign a caricature of himself, rendering this second week of the charity sales event a particularly exciting one!

The Sixth DoctorThe piece, crafted by auction organiser Ian Stacey, is painted on A4 paper using watercolour and ink, and is made complete with an autograph from the Doctor who spent much of his incarnation in court!  You can place a bid for it on eBay (and please do; at the time of this writing, the highest bid was only £0.99, even though it’s worth loads more!), but make sure you do so before the end of the week or you’ve missed your chance!

If you haven’t been following Kasterborous lately, you may be interested to know that the Art for Hearts auction is an eBay sale of Doctor Who-themed artwork, with a different piece sold every week, and that its proceeds will go towards the research of organ transplants.  For more information about the cause, read the Kasterborous introduction or the Art for Hearts blog.

The kick-off creation at this year’s event was an original commission from acclaimed Doctor Who artist Pete Wallbank (interviewed in 2005), and its winning bid was a delightful £142.00!


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