Unending Talent?

Actor, dancer, singer, presenter and now children’s author; is there anything John Barrowman can’t do?

Torchwood star John BarrowmanOne-man cabaret act Barrowman has announced his first foray into children’s fiction.

The book – which will be co-written with his sister Carole who also penned the actor’s autobiographies ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘I Am What I Am’ – will unsurprisingly be a SF/fantasy novel aimed at 9-12 year olds and will feature “a 13-year-old twin brother and sister.”

Buster Books expect to publish the story in August 2011 and is the MoM imprint’s first fiction publishing. The company also published Barrowman’s autobiographies.

BBC Books have also confirmed that Barrowman will be writing a Torchwood tie-in novel although it is as yet unscheduled and untitled.

Barrowman wrote the Torchwood comic strip The Selkie with his sister for issue #14 of Torchwood Magazine, was based on a short story by Carole.

Of course, John Barrowman has recently been starring in Desperate Housewives – but is set to appear in the international fourth series of Torchwood, reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness in 2011 on BBC 1 and Starz in the USA.

(Via Playbill)


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