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Published on June 28th, 2010 | by Patrick Riley

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Writer Phil Ford has recently participated in a conversation with Digital Spy and shed some light on what we can expect from the next two seasons of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Sarah Jane Adventures returns in late 2010On the topic of how his three stories from the next twelve will pan out, Ford responded,

“One of them is a big sci-fi romp, I suppose you could say, and another one is a big sci-fi romp, and the other one is completely different to anything you’ve ever seen on Sarah Jane… 

“The story, the characters, the emotional element of it is so different, and it’s going to be brilliant. I would say that, wouldn’t I? I’ve written it! That’s about all I’m going to say – it’s going to be very different and it’s going to be very exciting.”

Thanks to GallifreyNewsBase, we now know that Ford’s Series Four two-parter, the second story in the usual run of six, has been named The Vault of Secrets.  It’s difficult to tell whether this episode is one of his sci-fi-driven tales or the more emotional one, as its title seems to cover a broad enough range of genres to potentially apply to either.

If you’re worried that much of the youthful cast will be too grown-up by the end of two more seasons, keep this comment from Ford in mind:

“In season four I’m only writing one story. I normally do two or maybe three, but I’m only doing the one this year because we’re literally filming seasons four and five back-to-back.”

Hear that?  Back-to-back!  Which means that the expected one-year gap between Series Four and Five will depict almost no visual aging for any of the characters!

As for a production update,

“We’ve just finished season four and we’ve just started to film season five, so my time is pretty much taken up by Sarah Jane.”

According to the Twitter page of the Doctor Who Locations Guide, filming of this mysterious fifth series was last believed to be taking place inside and outside the Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral.  Considering we’ve still got a whole season before we’ll get to see it, what’s happening there is anyone’s guess!


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  1. avatar Carn says:

    looking forward to this muchly especially now there’s no Who til christmas.

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