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Published on April 29th, 2010 | by Chris Davids

Schedule of Doom

As if the BBC using the licence fee to provide free promotion to Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber and his latest musical wasn’t bad enough, Doctor Who continues its journey through the Saturday evening schedules next week to accommodate Over the Rainbow.

The BBC reschedule Doctor WhoThreatened by the ITV juggernaut, Over the Rainbow producers have apparently pleaded with the BBC not to be aired opposite Britain’s Got Talent with the result that the Doctor Who episode Vampires of Venice will air at 6pm – the earliest timeslot since the late 1970s.

Featuring vampires, the sixth episode of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith seems likely to be pretty scary – are the BBC really treating the audience in the right manner by airing this type of content at such an early time?

Does the BBC still consider Doctor Who as its flagship show for Saturday nights follwoing the departure of Russell T Davies? Or is this a measured response based on the threat from the equally vacuous Britain’s Got Talent in a fight which Doctor Who can easily win thanks to its viewers readily and regularly watching via iPlayer, SKY+ or other on demand methods?

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2 Responses to Schedule of Doom

  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    The BBC scheduls are a farce at the best of times.

    This obsession with reality shows and in particular ratings battles, an example seen here and particularly in the Autumn when the whole schedule is focused around Strictly Come Boring in its urealistic attempt to unseat the X Factor seems very odd and surely not what the BBC should be about.
    I have longed beleived that the new series should be screened in the autumn where it could quite easily sit in the schedules without going up against the Xfactor and indeed make for some anyway, an enjoyable Saturday night family schedule across ITV and BBC1.
    Unfortunately whilst Brucie and his ballgowns and now Graham and his ruby slippers are in existence, this is unlikely.

  2. avatar Christian Cawley says:

    There is plenty of space for real variety rather than the formulaic version we get in the Lloyd-Webber/Simon Cowell shows, which I personally think are all coming to the end of their shelf lives.

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