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Published on April 30th, 2010 | by Chris Davids

“Bow ties are cool”

Doctor Who prompts increase in bow tiesIt seems that suits are coming back into popularity among men – and Doctor Who star Matt Smith is being cited as one of the reasons, reports The Scotsman, thanks to his natty bow tie.

According to Slaters of Edinburgh, nothing significant has occurred as yet:

“We see no significant swing to suits but, yes, we’ve noticed we are selling more and that’s despite the shift into summer and despite the recession.”

But given the effect Doctor Who has apparently had on Tweed, it is likely that after 4 years of David Tennant and now Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor suiting up in Steven Moffat’s reimagined series, suits could well be on the way back in as a choice for chaps for general wear, rather than work, weddings, funerals and expensive nightclubs.

I’m a regular suit wearer myself – however I wear my Ben Sherman with pride on account of my day job being largely casual attire.

Can Doctor Who inspire an increase in suit sales? Given that some of the biggest bands of the last few years have all been snappily dressed in suits without pushing sales in any greatly significant direction, it seems unlikely – but I’m confident sales of dicky bow ties are set to rocket.


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One Response to “Bow ties are cool”

  1. avatar Leosw4 says:

    Ha, ha, I have Ben Sherman suits myself.They are pretty natty.

    My sister discussed with me recently about my nephew who at seventeen is enjoying the great adventure into adulthood. She said he had recently bought a bow tie and had gone out wearing it and she felt a bit embarrassed but said nothing.

    I told her not to worry as they where all the rage and Doctor Who wears one and that it was cool!

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