Top Villain Characters in Doctor Who

Top Villain Characters in Doctor Who – There will be no show if every character is a good guy. That’s what villains for; to create conflict and rivalry during the show. Doctor Who is one of the TV shows that provide so many villains, probably way too many so we have to make the list. For any Doctor Who fans, here is the list of top villain characters in Doctor Who TV show.

1. The Master
Without any debate, we must agree that The Master deserves the spot as the best villain in Doctor Who show. It’s safe to say that he was actually equally intellect and equally powerful as The Doctor, only with the totally opposite of moral. While Doctor’s aim is to explore the universe, The Master’s aim is to own it for his benefit for sure.

Although there were total seven actors who played The Master character, we can agree that all of them have played their role perfectly. The Master never failed to get Whovians rattled during the show. If The Doctor was a Batman, then The Master is his Joker.

2. Cybermen
This villain was surely the most unwanted nightmare for humans’ population. Came from planet Mondas, Cybermen were created to destroy humans and invade the earth, then replace humans with them. This description itself is enough to explain why Cybermen deserve spot as the top villain characters in the show just as the online slot games in deserve to be titled as the best ones. Besides, Cybermen were never meant to be good character anyway.

3. Time Lord
If there was ever a character that came close to The Master’s insanity, he’s probably Time Lords. The Master probably had the same level of The Doctor, with his high level of intellect and strategic prowess, but let’s not forget that it was the one and only Time Lord who gave The Doctor’s agony. We both know that there were many villain characters in the show during its 11 seasons.

Yet, those two villains are in fact way more superior to other villains we can find in the show. That’s one of the reasons why The Doctor always struggled to battle these two. Anytime he had to deal with both of them, there will be inconvenient moments we had to see. Although The Master was still the best villain character by some distance, Time Lord had his own joy over The Doctor.

A great TV shows always provides best villain characters to create conflict. Talking about villain characters and conflict, those three are arguably the best in Doctor Who series.

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