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Being Human

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    Theta Sigma MP


    Cheater of the Pack:
    Season 4, Episode 6.
    Josh wakes up next to a female werewolf but it is not his wife Nora but Wendy, wife of another werewolf and oh my this sure created problems throughout the episode.
    Jesse Rath makes another appearance as Sally’s brother Robbie. It is from looking at Jesse Rath’s name in the credits that I noticed that he has the same surname as Meaghan Rath’s (Sally) and I then found out they are real-life siblings. So Jesse being Meaghan’s brother required no acting at all.
    Interesting memories as visited by Sally on her past as we see the tense relationship between Robbie and Danny.
    Didn’t expect that Robbie would be reunited with Sally….in death.
    At the end of the episode Aidan, unsurprisingly gets into another trouble with the opposite sex.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Too Far, Fast Forward!:
    Season 4, Episode 9.
    Conclusion to the previous episode Rewind, Rewind in which Sally created an alternative timeline when she prevented herself from being murdered by Danny.
    Mark Pellegrino makes his final appearance as Bishop in this episode. Just as this series of Being Human is the US remake of the UK series, Pellegrino’s final appearance as Bishop came concurrent to his regular role in another US remake of a UK series The Tomorrow People.
    In fact Too Far, Fast Forward was originally aired on March 10 2014, in the middle of a two week break for the US The Tomorrow People between 1.15 Enemy of My Enemy & 1.16 Superhero. So while US The Tomorrow People had a break in that period, Pellegrino did not have a break with US viewers with his final appearance as Bishop in Too Far, Fast Forward.
    Quite dark this episode which eventually brought Sally back to the original timeline including possessing Josh’s body as part of her task to contact Donna and what entails with Aidan working for Bishop again.
    Surprising to see the sight of multiple Sallys and what a surprise of who was in that body bag thanks to a little viewer amnesia of that particular person.


    Theta Sigma MP


    Oh Don’t You Die For Me:
    Season 4, Episode 10.
    In retrospect I should have seen it coming that the wolves were becoming really bad news after what happened in the shower and Josh wolfmating with Wendy and now here the wolves revealing to Josh of their plans to turn ordinary people into wolves.
    Frankly the wolves were uncomfortable to watch and hopefully this is the last we see of them.
    Shocking that Sally possesses one of the male wolves in order to kiss Aidan with Nora later on proving a full explanation to him of what happened between him and Sally in that other timeline.
    Suzanna bites the dust here as she got staked by Aidan. Even though she has done things that were intolerable I am sorry that she is gone this soon as I would not have minded her being stretched to what is left of the series.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Ramona the Pest:
    Antepenultimate episode.
    Ramona, a ghost girl is certainly a pest especially the mishap she cause with Aidan contacting her sister although she did have good intentions preventing Josh facing the pack in the house as Josh going pass this prevention did cause a massacre with them.
    Glad to see Josh’s wolf issue has been resolved.
    Aidan lied to Kenny about how Astrid died and so things don’t look good when ghost Astrid told Kenny how she really died.


    Theta Sigma MP

    House Hunting:
    Penultimate episode.
    The previous episode is called Ramona the Pest but she really is a pest in this episode the moment she killed her own sister.
    She then gave the housemates quite a horrifying experience with what each of them saw in the house.
    It may be coincidental to the episode title but this felt somewhat similar to the way that the House TV series with principal characters talking to eerie versions of people they know.
    Natalie Brown and Deanna Russo popped back here as Julia and Kat respectively and remarkable how both of them looks sort of alike with their physical appearances. Coincidentally I am currently seeing Natalie Brown in new TV series The Strain.
    Quite sad that Aiden killed Kenny.
    Ramona is certainly quite evil as the house leading to the episode end of a vision that Sally had before she came back from the alternative timeline coming to fruition.


    Theta Sigma MP


    There Goes the Neighborhood Part 3:
    Series finale.
    The first two episodes of There Goes the Neighborhood was the two episodes that began US Being Human right from the beginning back in season 1.
    Calling the series finale There Goes the Neighborhood Part 3 ties up loose ends for the series not just with said episode titles but with everything that went with the course of the series.
    Quite unexpected Sally giving Aidan back his humanity resulting in her gone forever.
    Unfortunately Aidan getting back his humanity comes with the consequences of it as his body accounts for the very long life that he has lived and does not have lone to live.
    Somewhat satisfying that Aidan ends his life by destroying Ramona and quite fulfilling on him being with Sally in the afterlife.
    Bittersweet end to the series with the revelation that Josh and Nora named their daughter after Sally.


    Theta Sigma MP

    I have just finished US Being Human and this series has met with derision just for the fact alone that it was the US remake of the UK series.
    However the one thing the US series can’t be criticised for is that it kept all its original cast throughout its four season tenure in contrast to the fact that the UK series, without meaning to sound like a criticism, has had cast changes throughout its five season tenure with its original cast members already gone by the time it reached its final season.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Just finished seeing The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones which featured Aidan Turner as the werewolf Luke.

    Turner is a UK Being Human alum and while that series did feature werewolves, Turner was not one of them as he was instead the vampire Mitchell.

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