Top Controversial Moments in Doctor Who

Top Controversial Moments in Doctor Who – Every TV program must have a controversial moment during its broadcast. Whether it’s coincidence or not, viewers and fans won’t be able to forget a moment like that. As one of the most watched TV shows in the UK, Doctor Who must have had their own controversial moment. If you are a Whovian, check the list below and let us know what you think of the controversial moment.

1. Let’s Kill Hitler
Who doesn’t remember this episode? The title alone might be enough to cause controversy. Not to mention this episode also aired during the fall. It is safe to say that we all do not have enough sympathy for the German dictator who is famous for history, but one of the most auspicious fan characters, Time Lord, has a different idea.

This episode sees the Time Lord finally having the intention to save Hitler’s life, which eventually also caused a big heartbreak in World War II. Although Hitler did not actually appear much in the episode, we must agree that at some point that was the subject of at least until we saw some other controversial moments on the show.

Top Controversial Moments in Doctor Who

2. Magic Pool
It is safe to say that 2009 was an extraordinary year to become Whovians in general. Well, there are several reasons to support that and some of them are about how the character of Amy Pond is made. When the first episode of Doctor Eleven aired the previous year, Steven Moffat took very valuable time to build the character of Amy Pond, which later became one of the risk-related characters of the Doctor. It can be seen from the way they introduced him with so much insecurity and the implied promiscuity, giving many viewers and fans a feeling of pity for how he played his role in the show.

3. Not Enough Doctor Who
No matter how much the Time Lord was given, the Whovians couldn’t get enough of them. Even after eleven Doctors, fans always hope to get their new Doctor Who every season. Now, with season 12 coming, we’re not really sure about that yet. However, there is a high chance that we will have another Doctor who wants us to please the fans. But until it really comes, who knows?
Given the controversial moments, it’s not too difficult to understand why the Whovians are loyal to their favorite TV shows. With the new season coming, we can expect a more controversial moment to come.

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