The Facts about “Doctor Who” You Have to Know

Doctor Who is a kind of British television science fiction program that has been produced by BBC since 1963. This program, which has been created by C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson, and Sydney Newman, will show you the interesting and wonderful adventure of a great Time Lord named The Doctor. He is such an extraterrestrial human from the planet called Gallifrey that will explore the universe in his “Tardis” (a time travelling space ship). So then, it can definitely make you feel the remarkable adventurous plots that you will adore so much.

Well, there are so many awesome facts that you better know about this television program. One of the facts about Doctor Who that you have to know is that there are 13 actors that ever played the main character of the program, which can be ranging from William Hartnell (the first Doctor) to Jodie Whittaker (the latest Doctor).The regeneration of The Doctor is one of the reasons why this program can last for so long. Aside of that, it is somehow still so fun for many fans in different ages even though every generation of The Doctor brings their own styles. Yet, they could still play the character in their own era so well. Perhaps, that is the reason why this particular main character of the program can be so iconic and inspiring at the same time as he works to help some people in need and to save the civilizations while fighting numerous enemies.

Furthermore, the other fact about Doctor Who that you better know is it has been one of the most popular television programs all around the world. It can be proven when it has been broadcasted internationally since 1964. Not only that, the modern version of the program has been broadcasted in more than 50 countries in the world every week since January 2013. Then, do not ever be surprised if you find that there are so many strong fan bases that fall in love with this program. In addition, some of the actors who played The Doctor actually grew up watching this program. They are David Tennant (the 10th doctor) and Peter Capaldi (the 12th doctor) who used to be its big fans when they were kids. Tennant even made and wore a long scarf as he tried to be like the fourth doctor. Then, Capaldi used to send letters regularly to the production office as he really wanted to made Doctor Who fans club.

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