The Best Character in Doctor Who

The Best Character in Doctor Who – Without a doubt, great TV shows need great actors to play characters too. Speaking of great characters, we can agree that as one of the most watched shows in the UK, Doctor Who has so many unforgettable characters on the way. While it’s hard to decide who deserves to be on the top list, here are some of the best characters in Doctor Who.

1. River Song
As true love of Eleventh Doctor, it is only natural to say that River Song deserves a place at the top of the list as well as online gambling games making the best player choices. Since Mel Bush, we can agree that River Song is one of the most confusing characters in the show. His trademark “hello sweetie” and his cracked marksmanship finally took him to the hearts of Doctors and Whovians. River always seems to know what he wants and how to get it.

His brave character is always willing and determined to tear space and time to what he believes in. Although it is difficult to choose his memorable moments, we can agree that who he is and how he ended up in the doctor’s life will remain a mystery, from his first presence to his death.

2. Clara Oswald
It’s almost impossible not to put the Impossible Girl to the top of the list. Since his first appearance, Clara Oswald managed to steal the hearts of the Whovians. Described as a curious and clever character, Clara always has a dark side to her that makes her always travel with doctors, eager to know what the secrets of the universe are. As stubborn, fast-talking and flirty as the Eleventh Doctor, Clara seemed to be made for him. No wonder, he will be the first friend of the next Doctor.

3. Master
It’s not fair if we don’t put the criminals on the top list. Speaking of criminals, it is safe to say that no villain better plays their role better than the Teacher. His character is like a direct rival to the Doctor, equally intelligent and equally strong. While many criminals usually just go around and try to kill as many victims as possible, the teacher is more like a creative villain with strategic advantage.

Of course there are many of the best characters in the show that we can always talk about, but if we want to get to the top of the list, those three characters are worth shouting out, even though it’s a difficult job to exclude other characters.


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