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The Companion Chronicles: Second Chances

In Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles finale, the series returns to Wendy Padbury’s Zoe as more of her memories return in Second Chances. Out of courtesy for some of our new Whovians who may not be incredibly familiar with the classic Doctors and their companions, Second Doctor companions Zoe and Jamie were stripped of all memories of…

Doctor Who: The Dominators

044 The Dominators

How do you tackle the weighty argument of pacifism versus aggression; a true 1960s ideology that – in a microcosm of society – played out with America’s unrest over the war in Vietnam? Well, if you’re Doctor Who, you stick two men in comedy armadillo costumes, add some walking pizza ovens (with paddles sticking out the…

The Wheel in Space - feat 2

043 The Wheel in Space

The Doctor and Jamie are forced to evacuate the TARDIS after an explosion of the mercury fluid link. Sound familiar? They land in a deserted spaceship whose single occupant is the Servo-Robot, which menaces the intruders and manages to launch a group of mysterious white pods into space before Jamie destroys it. Finally rescued by…

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