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Doctor Who Hits Middlesbrough With The Shadow Proclamation Convention!

Stars of Doctor Who past and present will be attending The Shadow Proclamation, a convention at Middlesbrough on the weekend of the Saturday 23rd and 24th August. For the inexplicably unaware among you, Middlesbrough is in the North East of England, situated about halfway between York and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Crucially, it is also the area from…

50 Years of the Daleks!

50 Years of the Daleks!

Fifty years ago today, the Daleks made their debut. Written by Terry Nation, The Daleks saw the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan land on the irradiated planet of Skaro and met the peaceful Thals and the terrifying Daleks, horribly mutated creatures hidden away inside armoured machines – capable of exterminating the universe. These certainly weren’t…

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