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Did Flatline Just Become An Instant Classic?

Clara as the Doctor; a shrinking TARDIS; a shrinking haircut. Flatline, the latest episode of Doctor Who and the second this series to have been written by Jamie Mathieson (following his superb Mummy on the Orient Express) has proved to be popular with fans and critics alike – but was it really all that good?…

Mummy on the Orient Express 4

Mummy on the Orient Express ReKapped!

(Start the clock.) A light flickers. (66) The Orient Express, cutting its way through rich oil-on-water space. (65) The height of sophistication. All the passengers take supper, including Mrs. Pitt and her granddaughter, Maisie. Mrs. Pitt has 66 seconds to live. “The number of evil twice over. They that bear the Foretold’s stare have 66 seconds…

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