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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Teaser Trailer: Behind The Scenes

Admit it, how many of you are still freeze framing the trailer to see what else is in there? Don’t worry I’m doing it too. Having had some time to digest the teaser, the BBC have releases a hand full of behind the scenes photos showing just how all that wibbly wobbly magic was created,…

New Doctor Who Trailer!

What’s 40 seconds long, takes place in 1930’s Berlin, a haunted hotel where the geography is constantly switching, a block of flats on Earth and a bizarre world where blacken trees resemble Bronchus – features Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler and dinosaurs and is going to leave you absolutely breathless? This: The trailer – now available…

Series 6 Trailer for CBBC

Younger Doctor Who viewers have been treated to a slightly different Series 6 trailer this week as a new edit of the trailer appeared on CBBC. Much shorter than the trailers you might already be familiar with, various “disturbing” elements have been cut out. What this might been to the episodes themselves isn’t clear. Perhaps…

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