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You Are Planning A Modern Doctor Who Audio Series…

Reddit’s Gallifrey section has held a discussion on what one would do if given PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS and free reign over the Big Finish audio range with rights to all of the NuWho world and characters… That means ANY story you want to tell about the War Doctor through to Capaldi’s can be realised in…

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor ReKapped! Part 1

UNIT FILE #231163; SUB-SECTION 2-05. TRANSCRIPT: INCOMING CALL FROM 07700 900 461. 23.11.2014. MCGILLOP: McGillop. (PAUSE) MCGILLOP: But that’s not possible; I was just – – (PAUSE) MCGILLOP: Understood, sir… But why would I take it there? *** UNIT FILE #231163; DOCUMENT A. NO MORE – OR – GALLIFREY FALLS. ARTIST: UNKNOWN. *** UNIT FILE…

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