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Doctor Who Prop from 1971 serial Terror of the Autons reached £5000 on eBay

Terror Of The Autons Prop Fetches Over £5000 at Auction!

Did The Master compel him to do it? An Australian collector reportedly has paid over £5000 for an original Auton mask from the 1971 Doctor Who story Terror of the Autons. The mask was sold on eBay by Chris and Tim Smith, who actually played with it as children. The mask was given to them in…

John Levene as Sergeant Benton in Council of War

Reviewed: Council of War

Poor old Sergeant Benton, why was he mistreated so? During the Third Doctor’s tenure, Benton played an integral role as part of the UNIT family, working alongside the Brigadier, Mike Yates and Jo Grant to help battle Daleks, Autons, Axons and, more often than not, the Master. Then the Doctor’s exile on Earth was lifted…


SpearKast from Space!

Usually on the podKast (with a “K”), we talk about stuff then squeeze the recommendations in at the end. This week, we’re flipping it around, talking about a little bit of stuff at the start (transforming TARDISes, time lapse videos of police box builds, etc.) and filling the rest of the episode up with a…

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