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Planet of the Spiders

Tom Baker Recalls Relationship With Jon Pertwee

When asked during the recent Doctor Who Celebration what he remembered about meeting Jon Pertwee for his regeneration scene, Fourth (and arguably most popular) Doctor Tom Baker said that he remembered nothing! “Absolutely nothing at all. He didn’t speak to me. Maybe he was grieving. I don’t remember anything about him at all.” Baker then…

DW The Archive

Rare Doctor Who Photo Prints Available Now!

To celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, The Daily Mirror has released a special magazine collecting together rarely-seen photos from their archives. It’s a surprisingly impressive collection and anyone particularly impressed can order prints from mirror-photos.co.uk. The Doctors: The Archive features behind-the-scenes photos from serials like The Gunfighters, Terror of the Zygons, Delta and the Bannermen…

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