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The Top 10 Tremendous Time Lords (That Aren’t The Doctor)!

It’s generally accepted that, when asked who their favorite Time Lord is, 9/10 Whovians will gladly tell you it’s the Doctor (note: for every fan that loves Batman, there’s always one or two that think the Joker is the hero of the story. Applying that logic to my approximation). That’s fair; after all, television shows…

Time Lord Spam

If The Doctor’s Wife confirmed anything its that the Time Lords are such a ponderous, pious race that even their transport wants to flee from them. However this didn’t stop the Doctor from throwing himself and the Ponds into mortal danger at the merest hint of their continued existence. It seems loneliness clouds even a…

Doctor Who Gothic

Doctor Who is a genre show. But there is no such thing as a pure, homogenous genre: genre reinforces and reinvents itself constantly. Doctor Who has survived by adapting and incorporating elements from other genres to become its own unique hybrid. An impression of the fluidity of the show can be made by focusing on…

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