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The Doctor sends the empty people to their room in The Doctor Dances

Spoilers: The Childish Destruction of Surprise

I’ve never felt unbridled anger about a spoiler. Not until now. Anyone who follows us on Twitter will have seen my reaction to what can be described as the biggest spoiler in Doctor Who since… Christopher Eccleston quit, I guess (and the spoiler in question isn’t comparable to that situation, before you get over-excited.) Leaked…

Silent Witness star Tom Ward appears in Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Tom Ward and The Snowmen

Star of Silent Witness Tom Ward is among the list of impressive guest stars in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen. He recently spoke about his character, Captain Latimer. An old naval captain who “hasn’t been used to dealing with this children”, Captain Latimer nevertheless “wants to love them… but has struggled to…

Richard E. Grant as Dr Simeon in Doctor Who: The Snowmen

The Snowmen & I

You might remember him from The Curse of the Fatal Death back in 1999, or as the original official Ninth Doctor in 2003’s Scream of the Shalka, but Richard E. Grant finally makes his full Doctor Who debut in The Snowmen this Christmas He’s not letting much on about his role of Doctor Simeon, however….

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