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Sexism, Simon Pegg and Princess Leia

Twitter exploded this Wednesday when a seeming innocuous comment by Simon Pegg, saw the former Doctor Who guest star wander into a mass free for all/debate on sexism and sexual identity in Geek culture. Recapping events Courtney Stoker aka @cnstoker, a Doctor Who blogger and feminist took offence to Pegg’s declaration that he had a…


Simon Pegg in Cruise-Comparison

“I’m the Tom Cruise of nerds.” So says Simon Pegg, the multi talented actor who has had just about one of the most meteoric rises to Hollywood fame from humble beginnings in British television comedies. Most recently, Pegg has appeared in movies such as Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, How to Lose friends and Alienate People,…

Helena Bonham Carter IS the Doctor!

It’s happened only once, way back in 1999. The Curse of Fatal Death, a Doctor Who spoof written by one Steven Moffat, featured Joanna Lumley as a female version of the Doctor. We laughed, we sniggered and we generally didn’t mind the change of the Doctor’s gender as it was all quite tongue in cheek….

Eccleston Writes The Bible

The superb Northern Ninth Doctor by name of Christopher Eccleston is set to appear in an upcoming Westminster Abbey play about the creation of the King James Bible in this, the publication’s 400th year in existence. In the Beginning uniquely features actors like Eccleston guiding audience members around the Abbey, where the translation of the…


Anglotopia, a website run by two people who don’t live in the UK but would prefer to (I know how they feel) have published an infographic, or rather an “ultimate infographic” explaining Doctor Who to people who aren’t as familiar with the show as many Kasterborous locals are. Though you’ve probably heard most of what’s…

Edgar Wright to Direct Who?

Recently, USA Today had a chat with film director and overall Cult Classic Overlord Edgar Wright. The very talented helmer is responsible for bringing such delights to life as Channel  4’s Spaced as well as big screen treasure Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. He’s also a self confessed…

Is David Tennant in The Hobbit?

Ok, this is a weird one; despite saying that he hasn’t been contacted by producers of The Hobbit several months ago, www.deadline.com is reporting that former Doctor Who David Tennant is about to be announced as appearing in the movie. Interestingly, however, there is no reference to Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy’s expected casting in new…

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