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Lee Evans as Malcolm in Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead

No Longer a Nerd!

Jake Simpson is 44, and was once what might be described as “a nerd”. A lover of Doctor Who and other sci-fi, he discusses here how the new Doctor Who and other popular shows have become so cool that he’s been able to emigrate from Nerdistan.

Deck the Halls with Ranis

Russell T Davies has always been a man of ambition when it comes to writing his scripts, especially when it comes to the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. He’s written event episodes with multiple Doctors and companions, millions of returning enemies and laid waste to entire species while he’s been…

Doctor Who Flashback!

Get set for what may as well be an anniversary story as The Sarah Jane Adventures heads into very special territory this week with Death of the Doctor. Written by Russell T Davies, the story features a number of firsts, the first on screen meeting of Sarah Jane and Jo Grant and also their first…

Sarah Jane Adventures S4 Gallery

Episodes 1 and 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 are The Nightmare Man by Joseph Lidster – and we’ve got a gallery of images from the episode courtesy of the BBC! Guest starring Julian Bleach (The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End‘s Davros), the story kicks off a new series of adventures for Sarah Jane, Luke,…

Manning’s ‘Genuine Pleasure’

Katy Manning has revealed that she enjoyed reprising her role as companion Jo Grant for Series 4 of  The Sarah Jane Adventures. Jo, who was last seen parting with the Third Doctor in The Green Death in 1973 returns in a two part serial; Death of the Doctor alongside current Doctor Matt Smith. Manning speaking on her official website said…

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