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The Sixth Doctor Who, Colin Baker

Help Sixy Save TC8!

When you have good memories about a place, or a time in your life, you tend to do what you can to maintain it and let others know of the good times that you’ve had. Colin Baker, or old sixy as he prefers to be called sometimes, is doing just that at the moment by…

The Master’s Top Ten Disguises

When devising his evil schemes the Master liked nothing better than including himself in a hastily assembled, then quickly abandoned disguise as he attempted immortality, world destruction or just a bit of mucking about with democracy. So here is Kasterborous’ list of the top ten disguises used by batty Time Lord the Master! Before we…

Mannequin Mayhem DVD Artwork

Artwork for the upcoming Mannequin Mayhem DVD boxset – including the Third Doctor classic’s Spearhead from Space and Terror of the Autons – has been previewed by 2|entertain. For those not in the know Spearhead from Space features the newly regenerated Doctor (Jon Pertwee) exiled by the Time Lords to Earth where he teams up…

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