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More on An Adventure in Space and Time!

More casting from An Adventure is Space and Time has been announced, as the film based around Doctor Who’s inception enters production. The script readthroughs saw the actors and writer Mark Gatiss sitting around a table to begin rehearsals for filming for November’s historic 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Mark Gatiss, excited fanboy that he…

Doctor Who TARDIS Logo

Doctor Who’s Birthday Docudrama?

Frankie Howerd: Rather You than Me, The Road to Coronation St. and The Curse of Steptoe. All fantastic television specials dramatizing the events surrounding the programmes and TV personalities that have changed the way we perceive the genre and those who helped define its inception. One such inception that seems absolutely ripe for dramatization is…


013 The Web Planet

Caught up in the struggle to free a once magnificent world from the cancerous clutches of a life-sucking spider, the Doctor and his companions are set upon and aided by four species of outer space insect-people… The Web Planet is Doctor Who Marmite (Garmite?  Maramite?  Kate O’Maramite?) – some love it, some hate it.  This,…


Happy Belated Birthday To The Creator!

Fans in the know will no doubt have marked April Fool’s Day into their calendar for a different reason – the creator of Doctor Who and The Avengers, Sydney Newman, was born on that day in 1917. We’ll claim that the date is the reason this wasn’t posted earlier. Definitely. Everyone at Kasterborous; indeed, every…

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