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DS9’s Aron Eisenberg Headed for Who?

Doctor Who gets a lot of attention in America these days; it’s one of the BBC’s biggest franchises over there and we all saw the furore that it caused when Steven Moffat and his intrepid team were filming The Angels Take Manhattan in Times Square and Central Park. So it’ll come as little surprise that a lot…

Doctor Dancing

Doctor Dancing!

Some recent photos from the set of Doctor Who reveal that Matt Smith’s dancing ability extends beyond the ‘Drunk Giraffe’ glimpsed in The Big Bang. In between takes, Matt danced about and made faces at the crew, as he filmed throughout the day. The scenes revolved around the TARDIS, parked in a household garden, with…

The Master becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain

The Dark Master?

He hasn’t been seen since The End of Time, Part 2, but John Simm reckons it’s time for the Master to return to Doctor Who – with added darkness… Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival last week, Simm recalled that his interpretation of the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis was very much influenced by Russell T…

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