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Steven Moffat Explains Doctor Who Series 8 In DWM Letters

When not writing to Santa, Terry Wogan or indeed Graham Cole (Did you get my Melkur drawing? Please say yes!) Doctor Who fans also tease answers, ease worries or indeed, send comically oversized pictures of Traken’s finest rendered in blue crayon (I ate the brown one), to Steven Moffat – who once again has been debunking…

Is it time for a female Doctor?

Capaldi Says Next Doctor Could Be Female: Do You Agree?

That old fandom-splitting topic, whether the Doctor could regnerate as a woman, has reared its nicely made-up face today thanks to Peter Capaldi, whose interview with SFX sees him declare that “There easily could be a female Doctor.” Talking to the horribly reformatted, once great sci-fi magazine to promote Last Christmas, the Twelfth Doctor actor said “I think…

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