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Survival was a Doctor Who rarity, written by a woman, Rona Munro

Hey, Moffat, Where Are All The Female Doctor Who Scriptwriters?

Behind the scenes, when it comes to writers, Doctor Who has been a bit of a boys club lately. It was 2008 when a woman last wrote for the show, when former script editor Helen Raynor scripted The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Earth. To put it in perspective, that was near beginning of the Tenth Doctor and…

Ben Wheatley

Wheatley’s Doctor Who Won’t Be “Savage”

Way back when The Bells of St. John was waiting around the corner for us, Steven Moffat said that he tells each director to make the show their own. That’s why we’ve got such stunning episodes, including Colm McCarthy’s Sherlock-esque visuals, Skaldak storming through Alien-like surroundings (courtesy of Douglas Mackinnon), and glass-smashing mayhem from Nick Hurran in The Day…

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