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whats all the fuss about

What’s All The Fuss About … ?

Unbelievable as it may seem, there are still those out there that don’t get, don’t understand,our Doctor and the love we Whovians have for him. They can’t understand why we like a tv show that is so old, has “crappy” and “cheesey” special effects, and sometimes makes no sense. Wibbley wobbley timey what? These naysayers…

Trial of the Valeyard

Reviewed: Trial of the Valeyard

Trial of the Valeyard was a special freebie for Big Finish subscribers in 2013; now it’s readily available to buy as an individual purchase, the question is: should you add this to your ever growing Doctor Who collection? The answer is simply, effortlessly and excitedly yes. Taking place after the Doctor’s own farcical trial by…

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