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Paul Darrow guests in Robots of Death: Live

SFX Recalls Regenerations 2012

Reminding everyone of the charms of smaller conventions SFX have been blogging about Regenerations, the annual Doctor Who Con which took place over 22nd/23rd September in Swansea. Naturally starting at the beginning of proceedings the Saturday line-up included an eccentric turn from John Levene – Sergeant Benton of the UNIT family – who topped off his panel…

Doctor Who features in the new SFX #226

SFX Doctor Who World Exclusive

In a world exclusive SFX quizzes head-honcho Steven Moffat on what we can expect from this year’s thrilling season of Doctor Who. Up for discussion are dinosaurs, Daleks, the departure of Amy and what lies in store for the 50th anniversary. In a bumper issue – which comes with this stylish cover of the eleventh…

Matt Smith is the star of Doctor Who

Matt Praises Jenna at SDCC

SFX managed to corner Matt Smith at the recent San Diego Comic-Con for a quick chat regarding Series 7 of Doctor Who and some of the things that we lucky viewers can expect. Asylum of the Daleks sounds as brilliantly extravagant and thrilling as it always has, with the actor discussing his favourite era of…


The Cutest Convention Interview!

At the official Doctor Who Convention SFX conducted an interview with a difference. For sitting down ready to grill Mark Sheppard wasn’t a regular SF hack but instead 12 year-old Alex Hill, son of SFX ad manager Adrian, who kept Mark on his toes as he chatted about everything from the Silence, Sheppard’s accent and…

How this story might be portrayed in the press...

Naked Fan Girls Want Your Money!

This might come as a shock to you but the Internet is full of people’s naked bits! You only have to think of the most esoteric thing like ‘African Swallows’ and BANG someone’s wobbly parts are on your screen like Godwin’s Law in suspenders. Now what’s agreed between consenting adults and sites that are open…

The TARDIS, pictured in Cardiff

Thank You Wales

Ah, the valleys. The tranquil scenery of Wales is something synonymous within British culture. Many people think of Wales and come up with other stereotypes such as heavy drinking, passionate games of rugby or sheep. But Wales is responsible for more than we like to think. Especially if you’re a fan of Science Fiction, class…


Troughton’s Secret Lives

Patrick Troughton: The Biography of the Second Doctor Who is a deeply personal and often candid account of the great man as told by his son, Michael. A fascinating read, it is full of both exhaustive behind-the-scenes details as well as some surprising home truths about a man who effectively lead a secretive double life….

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