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Revenge of the Swarm

Big Finish’s Zygon Hunt and Revenge of the Swarm Now Unleashed!

So the Doctor, a Zygon, and the Swarm walk into a bar…wait a tick, that’s not it. Let’s try this again. So, we’re under a week away from Deep Breath and while that is just a few days from now, it still feels forever from here. What can you do in the interim, dear reader? Sure,…


Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Flirting Ban & Missing Episodes

We’re back, and my word what a packed podKast we have, brimming with Doctor Who news from the past week – because, frankly, there has been a lot. From Steven Moffat’s unusual comment about the Doctor not referring to himself as the “nth” (no one said he did, did they?!) to the recent Peter Capaldi…

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