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The Master makes a pact with The Sea Devils

Mac: The Life and Work of Malcolm Hulke

Soon to be released by Miwk Publishing, Mac: The Life and Work of Malcolm Hulke will be the first biography of one of Doctor Who’s most influential writers. Written by John Williams, the book will examine a life that encompassed radical theatre, the Communist Party and pre-historic races that walked the planet long before man. Hulke…

The Silurian Gift

Review: The Silurian Gift

I have a confession to make. Whilst I love the Silurians (and by association, the Sea Devils), I find their stories a bit of a dead-end. If the world the Doctor lives in remains as similar to ours – but with added alien incursions – then the Silurians simply can’t take over the Earth. Logistically,…

In Cold Blood

The airing of The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood saw the much anticipated return of the Silurians, following a 26 year absence. Following the controversial re-design of the Daleks, I was more than a little apprehensive – but there was no need! The story, like the reptiles, was fast, slick and impressive. So to celebrate…

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