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What Will the Future Bring?

Tonight on both sides of the Atlantic, Doctor Who returns to our screens with six brand spanking new episodes guaranteed to make your eyeballs bleed through sheer joy! But, there are plenty of things that need to be answered in order for everyone to feel entirely pleased. Looking at website Holymoly.com, they have created a…

Doctor Who Magazine 438

Doctor Who is back on TV for a brand new series! DWM catches up with its stars, Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and asks, what do they think about the controversial title of the first episode, Let’s Kill Hitler? Matt cracks up. “It’s Steven [Moffat, writer of Let’s Kill Hitler] being…

Moffat on Ponds and Rivers

As the new series of Doctor Who draws inexorably to our screens, it’s time for a bit of media relations courtesy of the enigmatic Steven Moffat. Speaking with www.thedailybeast.com, the head writer of Doctor Who shared a few facts and added a bit of speculation about the future of the series. Speaking about the inception…

Doctor Who Flesh Figures

Remember when toys were really cool? They had fun little accessories that took them beyond just being a figurine. Toys from the film Terminator 2 had a special skin that could come off revealing a robotic exo-skeleton underneath, while the Ghostbusters range had lots of different extras that helped your imagination spin out wild tales….

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