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Doctor Who Number 12: Peter Capaldi

Is The Doctor About To Encounter Robin Hood?

Another snippet of casting news for Doctor Who Series 8 has pointed to an intriguing plotline we can potentially expect from episode three. Ian Hallard, who donned a cravat to play Richard Martin in An Adventure in Space and Time, will appear in the story and according to his CV he’ll be playing Robin Hood’s…

The Daleks Are Back! Doctor Who 016 The Chase Reviewed

016 The Chase

Serial number 16, The Chase – also known as serial R – marks the second end of an era for the original run of Doctor Who. After almost two years of time travelling adventure, this Dalek story by Terry Nation marks the departure of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, never to be mentioned again within…


013 The Web Planet

Caught up in the struggle to free a once magnificent world from the cancerous clutches of a life-sucking spider, the Doctor and his companions are set upon and aided by four species of outer space insect-people… The Web Planet is Doctor Who Marmite (Garmite?  Maramite?  Kate O’Maramite?) – some love it, some hate it.  This,…

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