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Philip Morris Breaks Silence On Doctor Who Missing Episodes

Philip Morris and his T.I.E.A has been receiving a bit of negative attention from bolshy Doctor Who fans of late, with some doubting the existence of further missing episodes while others think the researcher has the BBC over a barrel. Whether as a result of Ian Levine’s recent debate challenge, Philip Morris has been good…

Marco Polo

Marco Polo Lost Doctor Who Episodes Omnirumour Continues

ATTENTION: Absolutely NOTHING has been confirmed but put down your tea and lean-in, Kasterborites. The Omnirumour has sprouted another Kroll-like tentacle. (Or rather lengthened a pre-existing one. Read on…) Legendary Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One took place last weekend and featured a panel discussion on the on-going search for missing 60s episodes… Nerdist has reported…

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