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Australia vs NZ Gets Personal

We discussed earlier this week the recent bid by Australian MP Member for Dawson George Christensen to bring Doctor Who to Australia for the 50th anniversary of the first screening down under, in 2015. This came days after it was reported that Matt Smith was keen to work with Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings,…

Matt Smith as the Doctor in The Power of Three

New Zealand vs Australia?

We heard recently how Matt Smith was all for upping the Doctor Who production team to New Zealand to work with acclaimed director Peter Jackson – but it seems that the Australians want a piece of the action! The age-old rivalry between the two former colonies has reared its ugly head thanks to Federal MP…

Could The Hobbit's Peter Jackson direct a Doctor Who film?

Lights! Camera! Jackson?

Could The Lord of the Rings Oscar winning director Peter Jackson helm a future Doctor Who movie? Just imagine it; the various creative bods of Weta handcrafting the various worlds and time periods the Doctor travels to, the head- spinning camera moves, the state of the art special effects – it’s a tempting geek-overload of…

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