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Tennant Excited By “Enthusiastic” Peter Capaldi, Talks Script Leaks

When you’ve spent time on a long running hit show, especially one that has such cult status as Doctor Who, it’s almost inevitable that someone will get around to asking you about the show in it’s current form. Fans expect that you are a fan of the show since you once started in it and…


Reviewed: Moonflesh

There was once a Doctor Who writer, the name eludes this reviewer for now, that remarked (this is paraphrasing, obviously) that one could imagine the first eight Doctors sharing an Edwardian house comfortably together. Of the eight, the Fifth Doctor would be one of the stand out incarnations to settle in rather nicely to that…

Tomb Ship

Reviewed: Tomb Ship

Part of Doctor Who’s enduring appeal throughout the last 50 years is the Doctor’s never-ending thirst for adventure. Or, to put it in a better way, the viewer’s never-ending thirst for adventure. Be it the high seas, the centre of the TARDIS, ancient Gallifrey or modern-day Earth, every Doctor Who fan loves a whirlwind story…

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