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We meet the Cybermen for the first time in The Tenth Planet

The Tenth Planet Animated!

It is arguably the most important Doctor Who serial of them all – the one that cemented the series’ longevity. But The Tenth Planet has been lost for years, probably never to be seen again in its complete form. The missing fourth episode – the most crucial – hasn’t been heard of since the early…

Paul Otaking Johnson has a go at Star Wars anime

Otaking Tackles Star Wars!

Remember Otaking? He did a rather wonderful thirteen minute anime version of Doctor Who featuring an epic battle for the Third Doctor and the Brigadier in Japan against the Daleks and the Cybermen and two incarnations of the Master as well as Davros! It’s one of the most fun adventures that the Third Doctor had/never…

Who Gets The Anime Treatment

What would happen if everyone’s favourite Time Lord was not broadcast as live action, but sent over the air as anime? Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, a 32-year-old professional translator from Sheffield, has attempted to answer that question.  Emulating the style of ’80s Japanese Animation, Johnson has worked what must be exhaustingly long hours hand-drawing each individual…

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