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Tom Baker stars as the Doctor in the lost adventure Shada

Shada & More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS on DVD!

It’s taken over 30 years to appear – but finally, Shada is released on DVD in January! Okay, so it’s not the proper serial, but thanks to a strike in 1979, it’s a close as we’re ever going to get. The Legacy Collection boxset features the version of Shada originally presented on VHS in 1992,…

Doctor Who TARDIS Logo

Help Geek Crash Course Graduate to the Next Level

Geek Crash Course is a great web series which provides 101-style (that’s lectures to all the British readers) video lessons to viewers on a different geeky topic every week. The weekly videos are presented by Michael Nixon and Diana Dekajlo and have been running now for a year and a half. In this time they’ve…

Eighth Doctor Who star Paul McGann

Breakfast with McGann

Since I started university, my lack of contact with Doctor Who means that I’ve been contributing to this site much less than I used to. There’s just been nothing to talk about. That is, until Paul McGann walked into my lecture on Friday morning. My reaction at first was: “No, it couldn’t be… could it?”…

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