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Jack Lothian’s Series 7 Script Pushed to 2014 Run?

Too expensive! Too impractical! Too unwritten! Whatever the reason, there sadly wasn’t to be an episode of Doctor Who Series 7 with the words ‘written by Jack Lothian’ hovering somewhere in the time vortex. Well, it appears that episode wasn’t killed by its trip through the metaphorical vortex and, like Captain Jack, it breathes again!…

OutCasts Review

Well I feel rather empty. I just wasted eight hours of my life to get left on a cliffhanger that most likely I will never be able to see resolved or have revealed as the BBC science fiction show Outcasts was canceled not very long after it’s eighth and final installment was shown in the…


It had to happen – and there was a good chance that it would as soon as the BBC moved the show to Sunday evenings – but Outcasts has been cancelled. The science fiction series featured a rag-tag collection of post-apocalyptic humans surving on an alien planet. While it is fair to say that the…

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