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Former companion Noel Clarke stars in Storage 24

Noel Clarke vs Alien Predator

Noel Clarke’s leading a good life right now isn’t he? Recently, his films such as Adulthood and 4. 3. 2. 1. have been enjoyable and successful, he has a new movie coming out called Fast Girls (alongside Gridlock‘s Lenora Crichlow) which is being described as a “feel good summer hit” and he’s just filmed scenes…


Noel Clarke Favours Eleven!

Noel Clarke has spent a few years away from the Doctor Who fold doing his own thing, and one of the last times that he was interviewed in a Doctor Who capacity, he was behind David Tennant as the best Doctor. However, now that Matt Smith has come on board, Clarke has changed his allegiance!…


Doctor Mickey

In the real world outside the Whoniverse (“What?” I hear some of you say, “what world is this that you speak of?”), ex-companion Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors – has had a “boy done good” moment. Clarke has been conferred as an Honorary Doctor of Arts at the University…

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