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Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks

Effects Master Mike Tucker Recalls Low Budget Doctor Who Challenges

Special effects ace Mike Tucker, one of the handful of individuals to have worked on both pre- and post- 2005 Doctor Who, has done an interview with the Horror Channel, as part of their promotion of classic scary Doctor Who episodes. In the interview, he talks mostly about the challenges of working on the lower-budgeted classic…

The Silurian Gift

Review: The Silurian Gift

I have a confession to make. Whilst I love the Silurians (and by association, the Sea Devils), I find their stories a bit of a dead-end. If the world the Doctor lives in remains as similar to ours – but with added alien incursions – then the Silurians simply can’t take over the Earth. Logistically,…

Doctor Who classic novels re-released in The Monsters Collection

BBC Books Unleash the Monsters… Again!

BBC Books are publishing a second run of previously released Doctor Who novels with smart new covers. The volumes, all of which feature iconic monsters from the series’ past, have been given the 50th anniversary makeover with clean white backgrounds and chunky lettering, with the ‘classic’ logo replacing the new series branding. The titles in question are Sting…

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